Check Out The New Black Webseries, Lenox Avenue

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The exciting black Webseries known as Lenox Avenue is well worth watching. This series has been created and produced by up-and-coming director/producer Al Thompson, who has acted in The Royal Tenanbaums, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, and A Walk to Remember. Thompson is working to provide web shows and other content that are different than what is currently being offered by the mainstream. He truly has hit the mark with this sexy, dramatic Black webseries. There is currently one chapter of this series that is available to viewers. Stay tuned for more episodes of Lenox Avenue.

If you are searching for a new series to watch, yet you are seeing nothing appealing out of the many shows that are debuting on the television, it is probably because there are not many originals shows out today. Rising director/producer Al Thompson seems to have a finger on the pulse of what the average person will want in a series. With appealing characters who viewers will feel for, and situations that are easy to relate to, he has created a recipe for success with Lenox Avenue. Once you watch the first chapter of this series, you will be filled with suspense and waiting to find out what will happen next.

This Black web series also features other well-known cast members. Al Thompson plays Owen, a young man whose good looks seem to get him in trouble with the females. Ryan Vigilant, who acted in Gossip Girl, is both sensitive and witty in his portrayal of Vaughn. Dorian Missick of TNT’s series Southland plays Sellars, who appears to have trouble connecting with his girlfriend. From what is offered to us so far in the first “webisode,” the men surely will experience many challenges and joys in their love lives, and lives in general. This series is filmed in an intimate, simplistic style that will make you feel as though you are hearing conversations among your friends.

This web series is set in Harlem, and there is definitely a sort of gritty, rough vibe to the setting of the show. Even though the series is centered upon a group of three young male friends, with their girlfriends and “friends” playing fairly minor roles, it likely will appeal to both men and women. After all, who does not relate to the complexities and frustrations that come with love, as wonderful as it can be? As with other web series, the episodes are rather short, but you get to catch a good glimpse into what the characters are dealing with.

Check out this Black webseries, which premiered on October 29th. You can find the first chapter, as well as links to other items of interest from Al Thompson, at the following website:

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