Lenox Avenue is a sexy soap-opera-style drama that centers around the lives of a new generation of Harlemites. Best described as Boomerang with a Love Jones vibe, we focus on three male best friends that are now navigating the complexities of the modern dating scene, the messiness of friendship and the pressures of their professional careers.

Lenox Avenue’s creation was inspired by a need to fill the on-screen void of multicultural representation. With the current mainstream TV and film industry either lacking images of color or ignoring these images altogether, this series will not only represent a diverse array of images, it will do so by providing a balanced and multi-layered set of images.  The ultimate goal of the series is to broaden the view and scope of African American life on-screen and give opportunities to actors who are immensely underused and a viewing audience that is often disregarded.

The rare treat of this show is its setting, Harlem USA. Not many films or TV programs have used Harlem as a backdrop. And the shows and films that have often made Harlem one-dimensional. Thankfully, this series not only lives and breathes Harlem USA but it brings the old Harlem sensibilities and marries them with the new Harlem ambitions. Harlem itself becomes its own distinct character in this series.

With a diverse cast of characters, this critically acclaimed program created by actor/producer Al Thompson, explores the varying dynamics of the growing pains of contemporary adulthood and the intricacies of modern romantic relationships.  We fight. We love. We live in Harlem.


* Owen (Al Thompson) and Madison (Chenoa Maxwell)